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MEME ALERT: 10 Photos of Wheelchair Drake

March 28, 2012   |  

On the heels of our surprise overnight success with “10 Photos of Drake Looking Kind of Like Obama,” we thought we’d throw together another Drake meme-dump to see if lightning strikes twice. I think a parody twitter account for the Baby from the Hangover (100 thousand followers!) tweeted about it, so thanks to that faux-baby!

Before you start getting your undies in a bunch and accuse me of making fun of differently-abled folk, remember that none of these were created by me. They’re all user generated memes (create your own!). Also, when highlighted the Top 10 Drake Memes last fall, Grantland said “since Drake was just acting, the joke isn’t making fun of the disabled, it’s making fun of a rap star’s drama-club days. Fair game. Play ball.” And we can assume that Drake is ok with it, since he made fun of himself recently, showcasing the Wheelchair Jimmy dance at a show in California.

With that, presented without comment, let’s juxtapose a photo of a young actor playing a disabled character with his latter-day sensitive baller rap lyrics. Here are 10 Wheelchair Drake memes.

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