Check out photos of Kanye West’s custom-built Cannes screening pavilion

May 28, 2012   |  

Last week, we reported that Kanye West debuted his artistic short film “Cruel Summer” at Cannes, in a venue with 7 separate screens for simultaneous playback. After the screening, it was clear that Yeezy wasn’t just trying to make a short film — he was trying to change the way that we watch cinema.

Thanks to OMA, we finally got a look at the custom-built screening pavilion that was host to the Kid Cudi-starring “Cruel Summer,” a luxurious canvas pyramid which seats 200 and features 7 17′x17′ displays for simultaneous playback.

This is a pretty tremendous spectacle for Kanye’s cryptic multifaceted upstart DONDA, but will the film have a life outside of this cinematic pyramid palace? A wide theatrical release is out of the question, but perhaps the film (and its lavish venue) will be able to do a small-scale tour.

Also, I’m sorta hoping Kanye will let me borrow his 7-screen palace for a movie night with my friends. How great would it be to watch all 3 of the Back To The Future movies in that thing? Or, we could watch all of the Harry Potter movies SIMULTANEOUSLY. You bring the popcorn.

Check out some photos of the pavilion below.

[via OMA and Gizmodo]

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  • Karen Hui

    Can I come to your simultaneous Harry Potter screening? I’ll bring Butterbeer!