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Classic & Current Album Covers “Restored” In The Style Of The Botched Fresco Jesus

August 27, 2012   |  

Have you heard about the devout Christian lady from Zaragoza, Spain who tried to restore and retouch a church fresco of Jesus, and accidentally made it look like “a crayon sketch of a very hairy monkey in an ill-fitting tunic”?

Well, you can see the results of amateur artist Cecilia Gimenez above. With the priest’s permission, she attempted to breathe some new life into the deteriorating fresco of her lord and saviour that decorates the walls of her local church. Even though the piece has little financial value, the botched touch-up has a lot of people upset. In the past week or so, the story has gone international, causing thousands to flock to the church in Zaragoza to get a glimpse at this viral phenomenon.

But really, isn’t good art supposed to inspire widespread emotion, thought, and debate? Personally, I think we’re in the very early stages of a new artistic movement. Since botched restorations are the hottest thing going in the art community, let’s breathe some new life into some emotionless, sterile album covers.

What would these current and classic album covers look like if Cecilia Gimenez tried her hand at re-touching them in the same way she “restored” the fresco Jesus at her church? Through the magic of photoshop, behold:

LMFAO — Sorry For Party Rocking

Rihanna — Talk That Talk

Prince — Prince

Aphex Twin — Richard D. James Album

Adele — 21

Drake — Take Care

Lana Del Rey — Born To Die

Lil Wayne — Tha Carter III

Justin Bieber — Believe

Nirvana — Nevermind

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