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10 Potential Memes Inspired By Justin Bieber Barfing

October 1, 2012   |  

It was the puke that was heard ’round the world. On Saturday, Justin Bieber lost his lunch, and then lost his dinner, while performing in Glendale, Arizona on the first stop of the Believe Tour. Yes, he barfed twice.

During a performance of “Out Of Town Girl,” Justin turned around, bent over, and puked all over the stage. Curiously, the song continued without interruption, suggesting that Bieber was lip-syncing. After gracefully hurling all over his shoes, Justin stomped through his puke-pile, and retreated backstage, where he composed himself. There’s no word on whether the stage hand who mopped it up has put the barf-towel for sale on eBay, but we’ll keep you posted.

If Bieber can weather the trauma of slamming into a glass wall, a little bit of vomit won’t stop him. He returned to the stage, and vowed to give the crowd his “best show ever.” Then, he barfed again. Still dealing with the embarassment, Justin told his fans that “It’s not really a great feeling when you’re throwing up in front of a bunch of people.” He adds, “I know you guys, you guys don’t judge me do you? You love me just the same? Even though I’m throwing up all over the stage? You love me that much? How much do you love me?” Soaking up the shrill wailing of his adoring horde, Justin launched into “Beauty And A Beat,” and promptly spilled his guts again. This time, the vocals cut out, as he threw up for the second time in a 21-song performance.

Justin promised to take it easy and rest up in preparation for the next show, and addressed the incident with an Anchorman reference.

When Bieber barfs, the world listens. We decided to maximize the cultural impact of Bieber-Barf-gate with some custom-made meme-worthy images. Enjoy, and be sure to take note of where you were when you found out Bieber barfed on stage. You’ll remember that moment forever.

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